Movin’ Legacy

To forward the legacy of art, people and culture.

Movin’ Legacy is an organization dedicated to the tutorial, performance, ethnology and documentation of contemporary and traditional dance and music forms of the African Diaspora, and the evolution between the two.  Under the visionary direction of Founder and Artistic Director Jeffrey Page, Movin’ Legacy aims to advance the role of African Diasporic arts within American culture and abroad.

Movin’ Legacy began in 2006 as a deep engagement with a philosophical problem: How can the cultural legacies of diverse people remain firmly rooted in their founding traditions, even as they absorb novel forms and evolve into new domains?  In its initial efforts, Movin’ Legacy’s focus explored the duality of its own name: the historical legacy of African American vernacular movement (i.e. dance).  In 2007, Movin’ Legacy founder Jeffrey Page created and produced The Hole in the Wall, an eclectic, historical dreamscape of music, dance and narrative rooted in African American vernacular dance forms.  The actors, musicians, singers, dancers and technical staff all consisted of youth from the inner city of Los Angeles, many of whom Page had personally trained in various styles of dance.  Since 2006, Movin’ Legacy has behaved in ways reflective of the culture that serves as its inspiration. It has evolved beyond the domain of dance, absorbed other cultural traditions and modes of performance, and assumed a more complex business structure.