Movin’ Legacy! Celebration The Festival

Movin’ Legacy, The Festival is a pioneering approach to the study and exposition of dance and forms from throughout the African Diaspora. The Festival is motivated by the shortage of accessible and thorough research and documentation of these art forms and will serve as a conduit through which dancers, instructors, historians, professors, musicians, anthropologists, museum curators and other interested community members will construct an archive in order to maintain and encourage further study of dance and music throughout the African Diaspora.

The Festival is a comprehensive research initiative that culminates in a 10 day, biannual “festival” of dance, music, education and performance. Utilizing a solid roster of well-versed and highly skilled artists, theorists and teachers, The Festival will provide its constituents an experience that is both enlightening and enjoyable while simultaneously creating a much-needed library of information on the arts of African Diaspora.


Movin’ Legacy, The Festival aims to:



Movin’ Legacy, The Festival is comprised of five components:

  1. The Griot Project
  2. Educators’ Summit
  3. Movement Traditions
  4. Musicians’ Corner
  5. The Performance Legacy

Each component is developed and managed throughout the year by a separate a managing director. The efforts of each project are showcased during the biannual “festival” event. All components of The Festival will be documented by professionals engaged in The GRIOT Project.