Movin’ Legacy! Perpetuation The Performing Arts Center

A Living Archive: The Movin’ Legacy Performing Arts Center (MLPAC) will be a high-caliber, world-class institution for the performing arts. The MLPAC will not only serve as a rigorous training ground for the next generation of artistic innovators and stars performers, the establishment will also be the first decisive step in building an internationally sought after archive for global cultural art forms — and “movin’” these legacies forward. For like a museum or a library, the center and its students will serve as reservoirs of diverse artistic traditions. MLPAC itself will be a living archive.

Selling Points, Practical Benefits and Target Markets: Three major selling points of the center will be its association with an award-winning, world-renowned choreographer/director, its physical beauty and its large, state-of-the-art studios. Both youth and adults will come to MLPAC to receive professional and recreational training in dance, music and theater in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and has the feeling of professionalism, rigor and grandeur. The youth performing arts center will consist primarily of children between the ages of 5 and 17 and will run during afterschool hours. The center will provide two (2) practical benefits to Indianapolis families: it will offer children a safe place to participate in wholesome activities until their guardians return from work and also provide activities in which youth and their guardians can participate in together. For those seeking recreation and/or increased fitness, the center will also have a well-developed Adult Daytime program, which will offer a mix of dance and fitness classes (e.g. modern dance, Zumba, dance aerobics, yoga). The target market for the Adult Daytime program will be women between the ages of 25 and 60, many of who are stay-at-home-moms. Research has demonstrated that these women frequent dance and exercise classes between the hours of 7am and 5pm to occupy their time while their children are in school and their husbands are at work. In addition, the Adult program would target Indianapolis’s increasing Latina(o) population by offering various culturally relevant classes, including, but not limited to: Salsa, Samba and Zumba.

Rentals: MLPAC, which will comprise approximately 9,000 square feet of a 12,800 square foot building, will also serve as a rental facility for the large number of artists, dance companies and other performers in constant need of rehearsal and performance space.The top floor will be a 50-75-seat convertible theater which doubles as a dance studio, that is available for rent either as a performance venue or a rehearsal space. Approximately 400 square feet will be an editing bay/recording studio, which will be rented by local and itinerant artists.

External Programming and Outreach: The performing arts center will forge important alliances with various schools and organizations to provide arts and fitness programming for inner-city youth and other underserved populations. This programming will help to position MLPAC as a conscientious agent of social change, garner a great deal of local and statewide visibility, and serve as a feeder for its on-site center activities.